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Either fill out and submit the online form for a free consultation (available on the Home and Contact Us pages) or send us an email using the following address:

Let us know what type of tutor you are looking for, what times the student is available for tutoring, and any other information that you think will help us identify the best available tutor for the student. If you include your phone number and a time window for a callback we will be in touch shortly.

How do I get a tutor?

You will meet with your tutor using Google Meet or Zoom. You will provide us with an email address and your preference of learning platform (Google Meet or Zoom), and the tutor will send you an invitation that includes the date and time of your session and a link to join. Join your session at the scheduled time and you are set to go!


In most cases, we recommend 1 - 3 tutoring sessions per week for best results.

How often should I meet with my tutor?

Yes! It is our practice to have students work with the same tutor unless they change subjects or specifically request a different tutor.

Can I work with the same tutor again?
How will I meet with my tutor?
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